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Feb 16, 2020

I want to tell you a brief story today about a conversation I once had with a friend of mine.

He's actually more of a friend of a friend really. We don't catch up for coffee or anything but we do run into each other from time to time at our mutual friend's gatherings, and we're Facebook friends so that makes us in-real-life friends, right?

So he gives me a call one day and says, "Oh my god, I've been looking for someone to give me some Xero training for ages, and here you've been under my nose all the time."

I'd just shared a post about Xero training from my business Facebook page to my personal Facebook page with a brief note saying for my friends who are business owners, one of the things I do is software consulting.

I hadn't done that before. I'd kept my personal page and business page separate, thinking that I didn't want to bother my personal Facebook friends with my business posts. Don't get me wrong, I'd invited them to like my page, but even those who like your business page see what you post a dismal percentage of the time.

In a nation of small businesses, the reality is that a lot of our friends are business owners themselves and need the kind of help you offer. Make sure they know that you can help them.

The last thing you want is to meet your friend at a BBQ and he says, "Oh, you do bookkeeping? I've just hired a bookkeeper! I didn't know you did that, why didn't you tell me?"

We often think that our friends and acquaintances know what we do because, you know, why wouldn't they? We talk about it all the time and we share about it on our Facebook page. But not everyone hears or sees all of that. And even if they do they sometimes forget. So you have to repeat the message from time to time.

It's a metaphorical putting up your hand and saying, hey remember me? Did you know this is what I do? I can help you. Pick me! Pick me!

Make sure your friends and family know you're a bookkeeper, what tasks a bookkeeper like you can help them with and, more importantly, how you can help them feel. Bookkeepers give business owners peace of mind, knowledge so they can make sound business decisions, and more time. 

Personal networks is one of the many marketing channels that I mention on my Marketing for Bookkeepers mind map, and one of the channels we can get our message out to for little or no cost, so make sure you've got that covered.

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