Bookkeepers' Guide to Delegation

With Stephanie Crawford

In this free training I'll reveal the 4 stages of delegation, along with 4 mistakes to avoid when you're looking to free up your time and grow your business.

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What You'll Learn


  How to make the shift from struggling bookkeeper to confident business owner

✓  How to better handle deadlines, clients demands, and business growth, all while retaining your sanity

  How to transform your bookkeeping practice into a thriving business with more profit, growth, time, and ultimately, freedom.

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Stephanie Crawford

In 2015 I sold my successful bookkeeping business in order to focus on business coaching. I've never looked back - I absolutely love what I do.

I especially love working with bookkeepers just like you, with a growing business, needing practical tools and support to help you to grow the business sustainably and profitably.

With my experience I am uniquely qualified to help you to transform your bookkeeping practice into a thriving business.

You'll learn profit and growth systems to unlock more time, freedom, and money, so that you're creating a successful bookkeeping business that works for you.

"Stephanie has been an essential part in the growth of my business, given me the absolute confidence to be the best business owner possible. "

Melanie Jones
Hassle Free Bookkeeping

"Don't hesitate if you're sitting on the fence - my turnover has doubled in three months. "

Karen Clunie
Certified Bookkeeping

"For those looking to recruit, the recruitment module in the coaching program is really good. And it's helped me recruit my second team member. "

Donna Carswell

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