Stephanie Crawford

I started my bookkeeping business from my dining room table when my kids were 5 and 7. 

In the beginning it was just me. But I knew from the outset that I was building a business and not just creating a job.

It takes a different approach to be the owner of a bookkeeping business with team, systems, and profit, than it does to be a self-employed bookkeeper.

That's why I created my 6-step framework to turn bookkeepers into business owners.

As a bookkeeper and accounting software consultant I became trusted advisor to many, many businesses.

Almost by accident, I found myself with a boutique coaching business on the side.


Business Coaching

In 2015 I sold my bookkeeping business in order to focus on business coaching.

I've never looked back - I love what I do. I especially love working with bookkeepers with growing businesses who need practical support to grow their businesses sustainably and profitably, from someone who's been in their shoes.

With my experience I am uniquely qualified to help you to transform your bookkeeping practice into a thriving business. You'll learn profit and growth systems to unlock more time, freedom and money, so that you're creating a successful business that works for you.

Business Experience

I have over 3 decades of career and business experience. My background includes, banking, corporate accounting, corporate sales and small business ownership. 

I also hold certifications in Xero, MYOB, Reckon and WorkflowMax and I'm consulting and training with business owners and their staff.

It's just another way I get to help business owners to grow profitable and sustainable businesses that work for them.

Want to transform your bookkeeping business??


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