Love what you do but feeling like there's got to be more to your bookkeeping business than stressful long hours and low pay? 

Discover how you can build a successful bookkeeping business so that you can get off the treadmill of trading time for money and create a life you love.

Creating Profitable Businesses

Imagine a world where all businesses, including your bookkeeping business, are profitable for their owners, provide a decent living for their employees, and are sustainable in that the business works for the people instead of the people feeling like a slave to the business.

Bookkeepers are the ones who do this for their clients and I'm here to make that happen for you too.

From Bookkeeper to Business Owner

From Bookkeeper to Business Owner is an immersive, bookkeeper-specific business coaching membership where you get supported every step of your bookkeeping business journey.



Tired of working too hard for too little pay? Unlock the potential in your business so that you can move from overwhelmed bookkeeper, feeling stuck and not sure what to do next, to thriving bookkeeping business owner living your best business life.

My Story

I started my bookkeeping business from my dining room table when my kids were 5 and 7. Eight years later, after building a great team and fantastic systems, I sold. It's through this experience that I created my 6-step framework to turn bookkeepers into business owners. And this has since helped transform bookkeepers giving them control of their time, income and lives.

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Streamline Your Systems

Efficiently run your business with processes and systems that enable you to deliver a consistently professional service.

Free Up Your Time

                                          Techniques to make the most of your time and energy so you focus on growth without overwhelm or stress.

Improve And Grow

                                                     Learn strategies for profit and growth, create your marketing plan, and find and keep the right kind of clients who value what you do.

Get Paid What You You're Worth

Know what numbers to focus on, how to price for profit, and implement systems for cashflow peace of mind.

Mindset Clarity & Vision

Gain clarity of vision and set inspired goals to accomplish success on your terms.

Recruit and Delegate

Find good team members so you can start delegating the work and get on with building a profitable business that's more than just you.

Smash your Sales Goals

Increase your confidence with sales. Learn how to have sales conversations, create your sales process and more.

Care for your Clients

Create manageable expectations, set reasonable boundaries and nurture your client relationships.

What my clients are saying

"Not only is Stephanie very approachable and professional, she has so many resources available which are readily at my fingertips if I ever need to access them. I have now employed staff to assist with the day to day running of my business, and the main thing I am now achieving, is a work/life balance – getting my time back to enjoy with my family. The whole business coaching experience with Stephanie has meant I have been able to focus more around my processes, my staff and running a business that can manage without me from time to time. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephanie as a business coach or mentor to any organisation, her commitment to assisting with my business has been second to none. "

Dee Workman
Keep It Simple Solutions

"Six months ago, I was overwhelmed, overworked & barely able to keep up with the basics. Over the last 6 months, Steph has been with me every step of the way as I worked my way through her From Bookkeeper to Business Owner programme. It was challenging at times to find the time to work on my business but looking back now, I'm really proud of what I've accomplished with her practical and insightful coaching. With Steph's assistance, I identified my values and we crafted a mission which reflects my business and a vision of where it's going. Using Steph's knowledge of running a bookkeeping practice, she guided me to start building client checklists and setting monthly goals. As a result of her coaching, I've increased my turnover by 25%, added a contractor to my practice to spread the workload and I feel much more in control of where my business is heading. Thanks Steph, for your guidance, encouragement and keeping me accountable. I look forward to continuing to work with you over the coming months. "

Rachel Paterson
Conduit Bookkeeping

"Stephanie has kept me accountable to my goals, of being a business owner and not being stuck behind a desk doing the work myself. Within the first year I engaged my first contractor to bring on my team and now looking at a second – keeping in mind I have never owned a business before. I would not have the confidence or knowledge of how to do this as efficiently and effectively as I have in such a short space of time without Stephanie and her experience and accountability. She has also offered great daily structure advice, profitability sheets, weekly planners, recruitment and many more facets of the business through her online modules that are available to me 24/7. I am humbled and grateful to have received her services and continue to work with her to grow and connect."

Jaime Hetherington

"“You are a fabulous coach, so thoughtful, fun and inspiring. I feel very blessed to have your dedicated support. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience and knowledge so generously in your joyful and supportive ways. You keep the whole process very human. I appreciate how you help us find our treasures and strengths and how to fill the gaps with no judgement. I feel empowered and encouraged...""

Carla Jehle
Sound Choice Business Support

"I have been working with Stephanie Crawford for over a year.  She has given me clarity and a strong direction and vision for my Bookkeeping business. I would not be where I am today without her. "

Sylvia Kavanagh
The Sorted Office

"After being in business for going on 10 years I found myself in a disconcerting position of having to learn to promote my business. I was completely out of my comfort zone; extremely nervous and totally unsure of myself!!  Stephanie quickly assured me that I was not alone and that she could help me….and help me, she has.  She has encouraged me to take a closer look at my business and where I see myself in the future.  She has made me realise my worth in the industry and this has gone a long way to improve how I approach potential clients! I feel empowered and confident…..Thanks Stephanie! "

Jacqui Ridsdale
Accounts On Call

"2018 was a massive learning curve for me! Going into business was very exciting but so daunting all at once. I have a fabulous business partner in Kelly Thomsen, however the support Kelly and our business has received from Stephanie has been amazing. On a personal note, I have become brave enough to attend my first Venus networking meeting, something I wouldn’t have been able to do without the support from Stephanie and the coaching group. The value Stephanie has bought to our business and our personal development is outstanding. "

Di Ketel
Bookkeepers NZ

""Stephanie has been a huge help in getting me to focus on what I want to deliver now I am moving into a different phase of my business. Her coaching style is soft and empowering, rather than sergeant-major gruff, and her vast experience as a bookkeeper and successful business owner means she ‘gets’ the industry and its challenges. I highly recommend her new course, From Bookkeeper to Business Owner, wherever you are in your business journey.”"

Julie Rusell
Julie Russell Bookkeeping

"“Working with you is fabulous … you have an artful way of bringing out clarity in my thoughts, guiding me to delve deeper into my decisions and lifting a mirror up to show me what it is I am good at and the direction I need to take. Thank you!!!!”"

Johanna Chetwynd
Evolve Your Business

"“Stephanie has been a great help when she was coaching me in my Bookkeeping Business. She quickly identify my problem areas and set realistic goals. I would recommend Stephanie wholeheartily as a Business Coach.”"

Linda Klok
Klok Business Solutions

"“I really enjoyed working with Stephanie when I first bought my bookkeeping business. She helped me to set goals and identify what I really needed to work on. She has a wealth of knowledge and is both encouraging and engaging.”"

Eleanor Becker
Elite Business Services

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