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Award Winning Bookkeeping Trainer of the Year  Recognised Top 50 Women in Accounting Successfully Built a Thriving Bookkeeping Business Accomplished Bookkeeping Business Coach 

My Journey as a Bookkeeping Business Coach

Follow my journey from starting a bookkeeping business at my dining room table to becoming a trusted advisor and mentor dedicated to empowering bookkeepers worldwide. 

A New Beginning: 

My journey as a bookkeeping business coach began in 2007. I started my bookkeeping business from my dining room table when my kids were 5 and 7.  

In the beginning it was just me. But I knew from the outset that I was building a business and not just creating a job. 

Driven by a desire for limitless potential and flexibility (I never liked the idea of asking someone else’s permission for time off if I needed to be there for my kids!), I embarked on the entrepreneurial path, starting my bookkeeping business from my dining room table.

A Visionary Mindset: 

From the outset, I knew I was creating more than just a job for myself. I envisioned building a team that could provide bookkeeping services to a wide range of businesses. Recognising the importance of robust systems, processes, a strong team, and a solid sales and marketing approach, knew this mindset was different to most people going it alone. 

Earning Recognition: 

As my journey progressed, I evolved into a trusted advisor to my clients, earning accolades such as the prestigious ICNZB Bookkeeping Trainer of the Year, the Service to Bookkeeping Award, and recognition among the Top 50 Women in Accounting. 

A Leap of Faith: 

Recognising the growing value of my advisory role among my clients, in 2014, I made the decision to sell my bookkeeping business and focus solely on what had become a boutique coaching business on the side. This leap of faith led me to my life's purpose—guiding other bookkeepers on their journey to business and financial success as a bookkeeping mentor 

Distinctive Coaching Style: 

Unlike many business coaches who come from marketing and sales backgrounds, my foundation in finance and sales gave me a unique edge as a bookkeeping business coach. My natural coaching style has been shaped by my ability to ask the right questions and identify gaps that my clients may overlook. For me, conversations are like solving a jigsaw puzzle, where I help clients find clarity and insight, empowering them to navigate challenges, unlock their potential, and achieve lasting success. 

Connection and Transformation: 

My story goes beyond achievements and accolades; it's about connection and transformation. I'm passionate about creating a world where small businesses thrive, owners experience freedom and fulfilment, and bookkeepers are celebrated as unsung heroes. 

My Mission: Empowering Bookkeepers to Thrive 

My mission as a business coach for bookkeepers is crystal clear: to support, empower, and educate bookkeepers to unlock their full potential and build profitable, sustainable businesses that work for them.

Turning Bookkeepers Into Business Owners  

It takes a different approach to be the owner of a bookkeeping business with team, systems, and profit, than it does to be a self-employed bookkeeper. That's why I created my 6-step framework to turn bookkeepers into business owners. This step-by-step approach helps equip bookkeepers with the tools and strategies you need to transition from solo practitioners to successful business owners, enjoying long-term growth and prosperity in their business journey. 



"The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles + the state of being whole and undivided." 

Live strong, stable and secure so that you, and others, may depend upon yourself.

Family Orientedness

I believe that being a parent and being a savvy business owner are not mutually exclusive.

In fact it just provides us with the biggest Why out there. 

Growth & Learning

I credit curiosity and an openness to learning as one of the biggest drivers of success in my life. 

Always listen and look for the nuggets of knowledge.


What Stephanie’ Clients Are Saying 

As a business coach for bookkeepers, I have dozens of happy clients who have transformed their bookkeeping businesses. Here are some of them: 


"Stephanie did more than change my business, she changed my life and I could never thank her enough."

<- Tasha Glasman


“Stephanie has been an integral part of my business growth over the last 4 years & would definitely recommend.

- Haley Wilson (My Two Cents Accounting, NZ)


“She has added tremendous value to my bookkeeping business, it’s grown from strength to strength.

- Melanie Jones


"Stephanie was instrumental in knowing where to start…her process is easy to understand”.

- Kathryn Harvey


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Ready To Elevate Your Bookkeeping Business? 

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