"Stephanie has been not just a business mentor, and coach. She's also a counselor, a friend. You know, she shares her own struggles and issues with business, which makes you understand that you're not alone. The group that we're part of is really worth it"

 "Steph taught me the value of my time, my energy and my purpose. And that encouraged me to be able to pass that on and continue that support to my clients."

"Having the support of Stephanie and the guidance, month to month guidance has been incredible. It's allowed me to have the confidence to grow the business and to know that I'm actually able to do the biggest thing."

Janice Hughes

Janice Hughes Bookkeeping

"The transformation in my business since meeting Stephanie is like night and day!

I now feel that my

business works for me & not the other way around.

Having Stephanie to keep me accountable has changed my world for the better, her advice and encouragement is priceless."

Hayley Walker

Foundations 4 Business

"I have been working with Stephanie for the past year. She has transformed my mindset. I have gained in confidence and value my services.
I now charge appropriately for my service and my revenue has doubled in the past year.
The resources available on the programme has supported me with business growth and planning and has provided me with the tools that I can consistently refer back to.
Before things spiral out of control I go back to the fundamentals of, what my ideal week looks like, why I am in business, what’s important to me.
The cost of the program has more than paid for itself"

Tasha Glasman

Mint & Honey Bookkeeping

"Stephanie did more than change my business, she changed my life and I could never thank her enough. Because of her my business is booming, my family life is happier, and my confidence in myself has never been higher. Working with her has been the best decision I've ever made and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to turn their bookkeeping business into their dream life!"


"Collaboration over competition just as bookkeepers are amazing and we're all better because the what Stephanie has done for us."

 "It just really cemented that I didn't know what I was doing. And then I always know that Stephanie is here for me.

It's a whole group of fellow bookkeepers in on it. And it just so supportive. It's amazing."

Donna King

Smart Bookkeeping

"Thank you for all your support over the years. I definitely would not be where I am today without you. I really appreciate you opening my eyes up to the different possibilities and resources that are available to me and my business. I can hear your voice in my ear all the time telling me that it is my business and I can create it exactly how I want it and not to compare to other people."

Asami Wisjneury

DAP Business Solutions

"Stephanie is a game changer. As soon as I signed up with her coaching, my life changed dramatically. I am a mother of 4 children with no family help and being the business owner is not easy at all. The first time we spoke, I was in tears telling her what my life is like, where I want to be but feeling like there was a huge gap between that and real life. She gently but firmly pushed me to take the next step and level up.
I've gained much more confidence as the business owner and I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve and how to achieve my goals.
Stephanie cares for our wellbeing, making sure we are all good, happy, and enjoying life.
I can't thank her enough. Highly recommended!!!"

Jaime Hetherington


"I would not have the confidence or knowledge of how to do this as efficiently and effective as I have in such a short space of time without Stephanie and her experience and accountability."

"Stephanie has kept me accountable to my goals, of being a business owner and not being stuck behind a desk doing the work myself."

Sylvia Kavanagh

The Sorted Office

"I just want to say, I am in love with my business at the moment and the trust and confidence my clients new and old have in me. Things are just falling into place nicely. So all that work we do with Stephanie is so appreciated."

Evelien Baas

Farm Office

"That is why we love you. You challenge us, keep us accountable, while you encourage us at the same time."

Stella Vockins

Count me In

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! For your patience with me and helping me with my business and keeping me accountable. Your input is invaluable. I am inspired, so thank you."

Diana Ketel

 Bookkeepers NZ

"2018 was a massive learning curve for me!  Going into business was very exciting but so daunting all at once. I have a fabulous business partner in Kelly Thomsen, however the support Kelly and our business has received from Stephanie has been amazing. I personally have become brave enough to attend my first Venus networking meeting, something I wouldn’t have been able to do without the support from Stephanie and the coaching group. The value Stephanie has bought to our business and our personal development is outstanding. "

Rachel Paterson

Conduit Bookkeeping

"Six months ago I was overwhelmed, overworked & barely able to keep up with the basics. Over the last 6 months, Steph has been with me every step of the way as I worked my way through her From Bookkeeper to Business Owner programme. It was challenging at times to find the time to work on my business but looking back now, I'm really proud of what I've accomplished with her practical and insightful coaching. With Steph's assistance, I identified my values and we crafted a mission which reflects my business and a vision of where it's going. Using Steph's knowledge of running a bookkeeping practice, she guided me to start building client checklists and setting monthly goals. As a result of her coaching, I've increased my turnover by 25%, added a contractor to my practice to spread the workload and I feel much more in control of where my business is heading. Thanks Steph for your guidance, encouragement and keeping me accountable. I look forward to continuing to work with you over the coming months."

Lisa Pallister

Evolution Accounts

"I am so excited about 2022 knowing you have my back and will patiently push me to be the best business owner I can be."

Colin Edie

My Green Bookkeeper

"Very good course with a lot of hard work gone into it, full of gems, encouragement and very well executed. I admired the way you astutely encouraged people at just the right time, with just the right comment and tone that hit the spot, reading the situation perfectly. Thank-you."

Courtney Teare

Total Office Services

"I have to share this with you!
I had meeting with a potential new client yesterday and emailed a proposal after the meeting with my rates being higher and it got accepted!
I am soo happy, such an increase from my original  when I first started a few years ago.
I was nervous to send the proposal and as soon as I hit send I worried that it would be turned down and all those doubts but they emailed today and accepted. Thank you for all you training and support, I feel so much more confident in charging my higher rate
I am soo happy, I doubt I would of ever had the confidence to do this and ignore the imposter syndrome feeling if I hadn’t of done your course 😊 "