Why rely on just one strategy when you can use 5 or more?

Nov 19, 2021

I have a Facebook ad running at the moment. It's advertising my free resource "5 Ways to Find Your Next 5 Bookkeeping Clients, Fast!

A fellow bookkeeper made the following comment on the post: 

"Wow if you can't get clients perhaps you should rethink your career! If you are good at it word of mouth is a pretty quick process." 

While it's so awesome that this has been this bookkeeper's experience, it's not everyone's experience and I would suggest it's not most bookkeepers' experience.

And in no way does struggling to get clients mean that you should rethink your career as a bookkeeper. 

When bookkeepers request to come into my free Facebook group The Business of Bookkeeping, they are asked the question "What is your biggest challenge(s) right now?" By far the most common response is getting clients. 

So if you are finding it difficult to get new clients, you are not alone my friend.

Word of mouth is absolutely a valuable piece of any marketing plan. And yes, if you're good at your job then you will usually get referrals, but that doesn't always work fast. You and your clients need to be in touch with a good network of people for that to be an effective strategy on its own.

It's unlikely that you will receive a mountain of referrals in your first 6 months in business if you have only 1 or 2 clients, for example. 

And some bookkeepers struggle to get even their first client.

A lot of bookkeepers are great at bookkeeping but know very little about marketing or sales. 

Some struggle to find clients due to where they are located (small towns for example).

And some are uncomfortable about putting themselves 'out there' for a variety of reasons that may include feeling introverted, or due to feelings of imposter syndrome, or many other mindset type blocks. 

For bookkeepers wanting to be intentional about growth and build a successful bookkeeping business, there are many other ways to find clients on top of word of mouth.

And that's what my '5 Ways' resource is all about. 

Why rely on just one strategy when you can use 5 or more?

PS: I talked more about this subject in a Facebook Live video in The Business of Bookkeeping, my free Facebook group where all bookkeepers are warmly welcome. Join the group here.  


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