Don't Assume

Jan 24, 2024

When it comes to recruiting - whether for a contractor or an employee - assume nothing.

🤞 Don't assume that the CV you're looking at is entirely accurate
🤞 Don't assume that their listed experience involves what you would assume it to involve
🤞 Don't assume that their work is at the level that you would expect
🤞 Don't assume that they know how to do what you think they should know how to do
🤞 Don't assume a level of knowledge and skills just because they used to work for someone else in the industry that you respect. You don't know their story.

I've talked to too many bookkeepers who have assumed a certain level of expertise and standards based on what seem like reasonable expectations, only to be let down and disappointed at the quality of work or the work ethic.

Far from reducing stress and workload, these hires result in more stress as work standards can't be trusted, and re-work to fix what wasn't done right.

Instead, follow a robust recruiting process that includes at least 2 interviews (usually), reference checking and skills testing, followed by a solid onboarding process and training plan. 

Your team can make or break your business as well as your sanity. You might not get it right every time but assume nothing and test for everything and you will decrease your chances of getting it wrong. 

If you intend to grow your team then it might be time to come and join us in From Bookkeeper to Business Owner, where you're supported, encouraged, and held accountable to build the bookkeeping business of your dreams.

You'll also get access to recruitment tools that, coupled with advice from myself and your fellow bookkeeper members, will ensure that you take every conceivable precaution to mitigate the risks of bringing on a team.

Email me if this sounds like it might be you, and tell me what's going on with your bookkeeping business.

Talk soon!


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