What are you saying yes to?

goal setting and vision mindset mission values Feb 20, 2024

Is the way that you're spending your time the best, most impactful way of spending your time?

What are you saying yes to? And what is the corresponding expense of that?

As in, what are you saying no to because of what you're saying yes to?

How you spend your time is like accounting for debits and credits. There are always two sides to the transaction.

There's always an opportunity cost somewhere.

Achieving your goals and dreams means making micro decisions in every moment of every day to do what's most impactful and most beneficial for the life that you want to live.

It means considering your future self while taking steps in the present so that you become the version of your future self that you desire to be.

Who do you want to become?

What actions does that version of yourself take? How do you behave?

Is what you're saying yes to today, taking you closer to your desired future self? Or further away?

It's never too late to change your future. Your future starts today. 

Talk soon!


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