Your discount is your donation

mindset mission values May 30, 2023

Do you do bookkeeping for any not-for-profits / charities?   

If so, do you give them a cheaper rate because they're a charitable entity?

Now, when you think about this charity that you're working for, is it an entity that you feel closely aligned to and would you happily donate to them if you weren't their bookkeeper? 

If your answer is yes, then by all means give them a discounted rate and consider it a donation to them.

But I would also track the discount as a donation so that you are aware of just how much you are donating.  Are you still comfortable with how much you're giving them?

If your answer is no, however, that you don't feel a close alignment with this entity and that no, you wouldn't donate money to them, then why are you discounting your rate?

You could be using that time to work for someone else at your full rate, so there is an opportunity cost for you in doing this work. 

Your discount is effectively a donation.

You see, I hear this often from bookkeepers, that they feel that they should or have to give charities a cheaper rate. But there's no rule about this.

This is your business, and you get to create it so that it works for you. 

Donating to an entity that you don't feel closely aligned to does not feel like a business that truly works for you, right?

Hopefully I've offered you a different perspective on this.

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