Jul 16, 2021

Bookkeepers are all about impact. We want to make a difference to our clients' lives, and we certainly do just that!

We facilitate amazing change in the lives of our clients. We help small business owners to really get on top of the numbers and to understand what's going on in the business, and we often take a considerable burden and weight off our clients' shoulders.  

In fact, in my experience coaching bookkeepers over the past several years, bookkeepers often value...

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Are you the bottleneck in your business?

Apr 27, 2021

So many times when I first talk to bookkeepers it is clear that they are the bottleneck in their business. 

If work piles up around you because you don't have the capacity to get everything done in the time that you've got, then perhaps this resonates with you. Are you the bottleneck in your business?

Just so we're clear what I'm referring to, a bottleneck is a point of congestion in a process. Just like an actual bottle where the flow of liquid is restricted by how...

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The dreaded to-do list

Mar 28, 2021

Do you have a big long list of everything you need to do? Worse still, is that to-do list your email Inbox? Even worse still again, is that list in your head?

In the book Getting Things Done, David Allen says "your brain is not a filing cabinet," but that's kind of what we try to do, isn't it? So many thoughts and ideas and tasks rattling around in our head. There's no way we can possibly remember it all.

What we end up within our head is a virtual mountain of old-school brown manila...

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Are you desperate to reclaim your time?

Mar 22, 2021

Are you feeling excited to be back to work today? Or does Monday come with a sense of heaviness and stress?

Do you often feel like you're stretched too thin, at the beck and call of others with a thousand tabs open in your brain and not enough hours in the day? Are you desperate to reclaim your time?

How to free up your time is one of the first things I look at when I start working with a bookkeeper, along with systems, and pricing. There are also a whole lot of mindset shifts going on as you...

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